Independence for Aberystwyth

[This is a translation of the Welsh article I posted this morning]

Following the discussions about the referendum on EU membership in Fill Council on Tuesday night, 
I can declare that I have found a manuscript in the National Library which allows Aberystwyth to have its own foreign policy, including international treaties. This is very exciting for the town, both in terms of its history and its future.

In the next Council meeting, I will be putting a motion for Aberystywth to declare its independence of the UK if there is a vote to leave the EU. This follows findings that Ceredigion, and in particular Aberystwyth, is the most supportive place in favour of the EU in the whole of the UK.

I am also in favour of us joining the Schengen agreement, which allows freedom of movement around the EU without requiring a passport. Although a passport would be needed to go outside Aberystwyth under this system, we can resurrect the old toll-gates: Southgate, Northgate and so on; checking passports will provide employment. Wetherspoons will turn into a Customs office for people arriving by train.

It could be asked how people in Aberystwyth can travel freely to the Continent if they have to go via UK? But I have exciting plans for this...

How about zip-wires from the top of Constitution Hill to Brittany, Ireland, Isle of Mann, Scotland and Cornwall? Ideas of this kind have won a lot of support in the town. If we raise the precept enough, maybe we can build one to the Basque Country also.

Also, we have a great rowing club in Aberystwyth, who row to Ireland regularly as part of the Celtic Challenge. My fellow town councillor Steve Davies and his friends have offered to give lifts to people across the Irish Sea – very kind!

This is an exciting period. In the long term, I would like to see Abersytwyth follow in the footsteps of Llanrwst by applying for UN membership.

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